Our Services

We have a range of grooming and spa treatments for all breeds of dog. On arrival each dog will undergo a skin and coat analysis to determine the most suitable products for their treatment. Shampoo, conditioning treatments, spa treatments and finishing mists are then chosen to ensure each dog's individual needs are addressed.

Puppy Intro

Puppy’s First Groom introduces your puppy to the benefits of grooming and encourages them to relax in the grooming environment ready for future treatments. This 60-90 minute treatment is full of cuddles and for puppies between 3-6 months who have had all necessary vaccinations.  The treatment includes gentle body brushing, ear cleansing, conditioning bath, gentle fluff dry, nail trim and an introduction to teeth brushing

Bath & Blowdry

Bath & Blow Dry is ideal for the busy dog who is always on the go, or as maintenance between haircuts.  This 1-2 hour all over cleansing treatment is suited to dogs that have short coats or those with long coats that require minimal brushing or de-matting.  This treatment includes a hydro-massage bath with conditioning shampoo, blow dry, full body brushing.

Full Groom

Full Groom for those in need of a haircut, a restyle, or preparing for a special day.  This 2-3 hour treatment includes a hydro-massage bath with conditioning shampoo, blow dry, full body brushing, ear cleansing, nail trim, and either a full haircut, all over trim, or undercoat de-shedding

Hand Stripping

Hand-stripping This service takes between 3-6 hours and includes a hand-strip of coat to breed standard, nail cut, ear cleanse and bath in soothing aloe shampoo. An exact price will be given at the pre-treatment consultation as factors such as time since last hand-strip and condition of the coat will determine time needed to complete this treatment..